Somedays in Chennai

This post is all about what I have learned here in chennai and how it changed the way I used to do programming.

Anyone can code…

Time just flies like an arrow. Its been four months in Chennai. Most of the time like 6 out of 7 days in front of a computer learning something or the other. There is a big difference between a corporate company employee and a freelancer.They both have their advantages and also some sacrifices to be done.

I often get that phrase from the movie Ratatouille “Food always comes to those who love to cook!”, thinking this would also be applicable to programming. This change and distance from home taught me some of the life lessons apart from many technical things.

Past couple of months went completing crash course on Java and Java Web Development. This might not be a good time to learn more primitive language like Java being the best third generation language because there are many more advanced languages like Python, Ruby, etc. But it might become more easy to learn the way I learnt. I, being able to work with Raspberry Pi and some basic Python programming was knowing more about programming structure that was used in an Object Oriented Language. So that same thing followed in Java. For example,

// Overridding toString() method in Java
public String toString() {
	return this.variable;

Same thing I learnt in OOP in Python

# Same as __str__/__unicode__ method in Python
def __str__(self):
	return self.variable

From this experience I got to know anyone can learn any other programming language if one knows atleast one of the type language. This got me to think I can also learn many more concepts rather than just coding. As someone has said “Programming does not start with coding but it starts with a careful design.” That was the next part of my lessons.

Careful Designs

Anyone can learn programming language but its not that easy to implement any piece of code without a good design. The design needs experience in programming irrelevant of programming language. Like the design patterns matter depending upon the project requirements. The word “Design” was described entirely during the training.

Even my friends from the CSE and IT streams got to know about it here with me.

There are many common things as well in between the corporate companies and open source organizations such as, the projects are collaborative but one is forcefully assigned to someone and other is like attraction of person’s interests towards the project.

There is so much to learn in this world which is only in the field been called Computing…