Design with Logic

Design is an integral part of developing an application but also design should be secondary not a primary focus.


Earlier in last decade I was thinking there is a lot of other things than just Electronics and Computers but now I see everywhere any thing you take has a direct or indirect relation with some electronic components.

With this the world has become smaller and people who know these things have become more in turn creating a bigger competition. So even a guy who is having a small idea for an app can just create his app with some clicks and drag-n-drops and no need to learn java or any other programming stuff.

This creates a problem for people who actually know everything about how things actually work.

This also has created a problem. Problem in form of user experience.

Current Scenario

A while ago I was designing a webpage for a media management and I forgot to add any text for hints or guide that how to use the site actually. This issue was also raised by my cousin who was facing difficulties using it. So now a days developers make apps that would be really great and helpful but not easy to use.

There is a term called User Experience which is needed in any development. Even if it is a development tool it needs a good guide to use it.

From this independent developers who dont have time and money to review their apps create a beta builds and share it through their friends and get a good feedbacks about them.

If you want to get more idea about User Experience do visit Aral Balkan’s profile.