Hello everyone! I am Darshil Chanpura, a geek who is into many things related to many different platforms. I have been working with Raspberry Pi recently and some of the posts are like projects and are really interesting do try them. In my free time I learn about different programming platforms such as Django - Python based framework, Twitter API, PHP, HTML5 with CSS3 and little bit of JS and also trying out things like working with databases. Recently I learned most of the things about PHP when I started using my raspi as web-server and it's kinda cool and you can say "I have a server setup at my place..."

I am a full time GNU/Linux User and also love to try out new distros now and then. Most of my work is on Github. Feel free to contact me by mail or any of the below.

About Tracking

I have used a handmade tracking solution for this site analytics. The code with its blog post will be updated on the blog soon.