Tool for analyzing AWS Security Groups: This project checks AWS Security Groups with reasonable defaults and shows which ports are exposed to internet or which IPs have access to all ports. Git Repository


Tool for checking SSL Certificates: This project is simply parsing the SSL Certificate and periodically keeps an updated copy to make sure it is cached and relevant. It is still in progress but current version is hosted on, and Git Repository.


Bot that sends inline Location on Telegram: There have been times that I know the address but searching in Maps and sending location might take a long time, so to share location quickly this bot can be invoked inline and getting list of suggestions from Google Maps Places API. Try it @ThatLocationBot.


Golang Project for a Image manipulation Telegram Bot: This project is the backend for Telegram Bot @blurblurbot. Written in Golang and uses some third-party libraries like stackblur-go and for simple image manipulation disintegration/imaging. GitHub Repository

Raspberry Pi Music Server

A side project on Raspberry Pi: This project was a Webapp for controlling local music player running on Raspberry Pi and can be controlled from a webpage on any device. GitHub Repository


A side project using Telegram Bot API: Telegram is a messaging platform and recently they launched their API for creating BOTs. I made a simple balance keeping bot in Python deployed on Heroku Cloud. It actually manages balances showing who leads and who is trailing behind. Try it @SplitBot

Tweet Monitor

A side project as an hands-on on Raspberry Pi: A Raspberry-Pi project using “Twython” Python Module which shows the recent tweets on a Character LCD connected to it querying the search tag or user. Link

Raspberry Pi Event Management System

A side project on Raspberry Pi for managing and marking attendance: A Raspberry Pi project using Flask a micro-webframework and QR codes for attendance marking. The project consists of developing a front-end for administration and using just webcam and LED indicators for indicating if attendance is marked or not. This project used a great combination of hashing algorithms and encoding it into QRCode using various APIs available. Link but work is still in progress

Eye Tracking based on OpenCV

Final year project carried out at IIT Gandhinagar: This project has its requirement of OpenCV for detecting the eye pupil using a simple USB camera. The objective was to make an inexpensive eye tracker which is actually fulfilled by an USB camera and OpenCV (Open Source Libraries for Computer Vision)

Home Automation

A semester project: A simple home automation (without IoT) using a TV remote control as a part of semester projects in college using 8051 microcontroller.