Power of ATTiny with Arduino.

Recently I came to know about ATtiny and when I started using it. and its the best thing to use for wearables.

After the dusk there comes dawn and same way an Electronics engineer who works a lot away from field needs to visit it sometime…

In some way I came back few days to when I came in touch with “Makers” nearby who were really great working with Arduino and similar things at FabLab in CEPT Campus.

I did knew about ATtiny way back but never shed light on that, as mainly being busy in learning OpenCV and now had much time so working on it.

ATtiny is the smallest member of Atmel’s AVR family and yet more powerful. Lets see how it goes while programming it using Arduino.

Now think ATtiny as an Arduino as it does have on-chip 4-channel 10-bit ADC with all 6 pins working with Digital I/O multiplexed with ADC and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)